Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let's get this started...

The other day, Meredith said, lets start a blog of the different recipes we want to make, have made and a menu planning section.  I had a few minutes after I unsuccessfully put together a barstool chair for the boys to use at the computer so lets see how this goes.  Let me just say,  I dont feel like going back to the store because they put a 24 inch back with 29 inch legs.  My chair falls over.  It was a pain to put together. I do not want to assemble another one.  I hope this blog goes easier then my chair building.   So, far.  Its going well except for when I went to post some recipes, I realized they are on my old laptop and not my new one. Smooth, real smooth I know.  Mere is so much more organized then me at the recipes.  I just see things and want to make them.  I'd love to be able to make all those cupcakes and make them look awesome like all the talented bloggers out there.  So, anyone have any suggestions, recipes etc, let us know, If you have made something and want us to post it, let us know and we can do that. 

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